6 NBA Teams We Could do Without

  1. The Utah Jazz- They play in Utah I mean c’mon does this really need explaining. I mean who moves from New Orleans to Utah? Whose idea was that? The Jazz are currently 25-25. If the playoffs were to start today they would be facing the warriors, and nobody wants to watch that. What the Jazz are known for:

byron russell gif

5. The Washington Wizards- No real history and haven’t won a championship since 1978. Small market, nobody watches their games unless Kevin Durant is in town. The Wizards are currently 22-27 in the eastern conference, although the East is better this year than last year with their talent this is inexcusable. And the fans have no respect for their players

kevin-durant1 dc

4.The New Orleans Pelicans- They call themselves the Pelicans. Enough said. Current Record: 19-32


3.Denver Nuggets- Zero NBA titles. Zero Conference Titles.


2.Atlanta Hawks- Haven’t won a ring since 1958. Extremely boring to watch. Small market. Overrated.


1.Brooklyn Nets- Zero NBA titles, no one comes to their games. Joe Johnson is their franchise player  and they are currently 14-39 seriously nobody comes to their games:


brooklyn nets empty



If these teams are removed from the NBA nobody would miss them they have an easily forgettable history thus the NBA would be more competitive.



By: Stephen Yeboah

Twitter: YeboaConstricor


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