Antwan’s Promise

One of the first kids I ever mentored was charged with murder at 14 years old. He stole a car, was chased by the police, ended up losing control, and crashing into a 56-year-old woman in a wheelchair who was waiting to cross the street. I remember learning about the story on the news and […]

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Whispered Stories

When I was in the 5th grade, I imagined myself strung up by the neck from the swing set, and I have not been the same since. I was never very happy as a child; youth had been unkind to me. I was overweight, cripplingly shy, and I made for an easy target. I had to […]

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America’s Ban(d) of Thugs

During a recent pseudo-political circus gathering for a certain comically precarious presidential candidate, a familiar face took the stage to show support for the Republican nominee. Like many other conservative politicians vying for a seat at his illustrious table might have done, Sarah Palin lauded Trump and displayed her resentment for the various protesting individuals and […]

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