My Valentine’s Day Playlist: 5 Songs in the Key of Love

My Valentine’s Day Playlist – 5 Songs in the Key of Love

Music, within the realm of romance, is a critical tool for creating a great Valentine’s Day experience. Music can often determine the soundtrack to a relationship, and even determine the cadence to a person’s soul. It plays a major role in communicating feelings and emotions, and when used properly music sets a desirable mood. So fellas, as you look to impress your special lady this holiday, just remember that your music selection is just as important as the cologne you wear, the flowers you give, and your restaurant choice. Here’s my 5-track playlist to help you along the way:

1. So High – John Legend: Truthfully, you can play John Legend’s entire discography and be set for the day. Mr. Legend’s cornered the market in conveying love through soulful melodies and compelling lyrics. “So High” will take you there.


2. Forever, For Always, For Love – Lalah Hathaway: The title itself tells you where we’re headed. Lalah’s soothing and melodious voice is reason enough to affirm your commitment to love; Forever and for always….image

3. Find My Way To Love – The Jaspects ft. Chantae Cann: In this song, Chantae Cann asks the question, “Will you help me find my way love?”; and by the sound of her voice alone, one can only say yes. Cann’s soulful search of love backed by the exquisite incorporation of jazz by The Jaspects will add a classy and elegant feel to your playlist. This one is a must-add. image

4. Butterfly – Bilal & Robert Glasper: Bilal, complemented by the great pianist Robert Glasper, goes deep in conveying love and the newness that is birthed as a result. You may need to bring a box of tissues with you while playing this song.image

5. Hey Love – Stevie Wonder: Just read these words:

Hey love
May I have a word with you?
I’d like to tell you, yeah
Just what I’ve been going through
My nights are so long
As I watch each hour go by
Hoping and praying
That someday I will be your guy
Need I say more?

I hope this playlist serves all of you well! Favorable blessings on this holiday of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

-Christopher Johnson

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