The Aftermath of the Mizzou Protests

The “Concerned Student Protest 1950” demonstrated that student-athletes are some of the most important and influential people on campus. Former president Tim Wolfe’s lack of action regarding racial issues on the Missouri campus showed he did not care about his students, and the football team’s boycott eventually lead to his resignation. The resignation of Tim […]

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Whispered Stories

When I was in the 5th grade, I imagined myself strung up by the neck from the swing set, and I have not been the same since. I was never very happy as a child; youth had been unkind to me. I was overweight, cripplingly shy, and I made for an easy target. I had to […]

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America’s Ban(d) of Thugs

During a recent pseudo-political circus gathering for a certain comically precarious presidential candidate, a familiar face took the stage to show support for the Republican nominee. Like many other conservative politicians vying for a seat at his illustrious table might have done, Sarah Palin lauded Trump and displayed her resentment for the various protesting individuals and […]

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Southern Hospitality 

On Friday, February 27, 2016, I was the guest speaker at Southern University for their Black Christian Union vesper service. While I was preaching about unity to the student body, a different message was being heralded on campus via social media. Several students on Yik Yak – an anonymous local feed for posting ideas and […]

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Losing My Religion

On Kirk Franklin and Kanye West ​Earlier this week, Kanye West released his new album entitled So Help Me God Swish Waves “The Life of Pablo.” This album was released exclusively on Tidal, so you’re forgiven if you haven’t listened to it yet. The word on the street is that this album has already been […]

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