Corey’s Genius NFL Picks Week 2

What’s up family! Forgive me for not writing this yesterday, I was pretty busy. I’ve been hired to be the Assistant Pastor of the Trinity Temple SDA Church in Newark, NJ, and tomorrow, I’ll be installed there, and will preach my first sermon as the Assistant Pastor! But honestly, did I even need to pick last night’s game? Talk about brutal?

Bill O’Brien should be fired after this season. Marvin Lewis should’ve been fired after last season. Outside of Deshaun Watson’s run, last night’s game was almost unwatchable, as most games featuring two AFC teams seem to be.

Speaking of bad football, what was that in LA on Sunday? The Colts are an absolute dumpster fire, and their abysmal performance on Sunday only proves Andrew Luck’s brilliance is real! Many used Scott Tolzien’s ineptitude as a call for the Colts to sign Colin Kaepernick. May I suggest, it’s not that simple. At this point, Kaepernick, in order to be attractive to a team, doesn’t simply have to be better than a terrible backup QB. Because of the media circus surrounding his protest, Kaep needs his play on the field, to drastically outweigh the events surrounding him off the field. Unfairly, in order for a team to want to sign Kaep, they have to believe that his production on the field, is much more valuable than the dialogue and debate surrounding him. I don’t know if owners agree or disagree with Kaep’s reason for protest, I do think, they want nothing to do with the RESPONSE to Colin’s protest.

I’ll say this, Kaep’s silence is deafening to me. For one, his silence takes the pressure off the owners in the court of public opinion. If he says, “I want to play, I am all in, and I believe that I can help a football team win. I don’t know why I’m unsigned, but I would like to play football this season.”, he would put more public pressure on owners to articulate why they haven’t signed him. Secondly, he would remove the well intentioned supporters of his from the dialogue. The rally outside of NFL headquarters, the tweet from his girlfriend, and the most recent twitter campaign of Shaun King attacking Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, don’t help Colin get back into the NFL, they only illustrate why he isn’t on a roster. Don’t let others speak for you, speak for yourself. But honestly, this is all secondary to the main point: Colin Kaepernick should be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Well, Corey, why aren’t you boycotting?

Football Sundays for me, have always been my escape. We live in a racist, frustrating, stressful world. Everyday we are inundated with police shootings, and Trump statements and actions that resemble Hitler meets Michael Scott. Even personally, my grandmother has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I watch and take care of her, and seeing her decline has taken a toll on me, emotionally. For a few hours, on a Sunday, sports becomes, an escape. Yes, I know, racism still exists, the evil in the world never goes away, and yes, the Cheeto-Klansman is still in the Oval Office, but it’s hard to boycott your escape, in the name of the same issues that cause your desire for an escape. As black people, it’s frustrating, that we don’t have the privilege of compartmentalization. For us, race is an aspect of everything we do. I am not naive to this reality, but if i can’t have moments of escape (no matter how trivial you may think it is), I am once again asked to sacrifice my own freedom and enjoyment on the altar of a reactionary life to whiteness and white supremacy. On this past Sunday, for 3 hours at FedEx field, I wasn’t thinking about the intersectionality of sports and politics, I wasn’t thinking about anthem protests, the foul opinions of Jason Whitlock, or the vile actions of the Predator-President, I was rooting for Carson Wentz to move the ball against the Redskins, and I needed that.

This was not easy to write, but these are my imperfect, and maybe not even totally flushed out thoughts on this topic. I’m growing, as we all are.

Without much hype, or fanfare, here are my picks this weekend…I’ll be back with game summaries, pics, gifs etc, next week.

Panthers 20 Bills 10

Bucs 28 Bears 14

Steelers 29 Vikings 18

Cardinals 30 Colts 16

Patriots 41 Saints 27

Ravens 26 Browns 10

Eagles 24 Chiefs 23

Titans 23 Jaguars 19

Raiders 31 Jets 13

Dolphins 21 Chargers 20

Broncos 27 Cowboys 17

Seahawks 20 Niners 6

Rams 24 Redskins 21

Falcons 27 Packers 24

Giants 23 Lions 20

Here are my picks! Have a good weekend! Make sure you love someone, this weekend!

By: Corey Johnson

Twitter: @coreymaurice




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