Nasty Truths


Women. If you are a woman, a female, you were born strong. Nothing you’ve experienced was by accident; you were born equipped. If you are a woman you were born with answers; after all you were the answer to the first problem. If you are a woman you were born with the gift of completion; you can’t help but complete things. If you are a woman you were born with the gift of safety.


You weren’t born to think like a man or act like one. Women for centuries have been fooled into thinking their value is substantiated by men. So much so, that women are moved by men’s preferences and ideologies. Seldom do women realize that they in fact sometimes completely determine the value of many men. Womanhood is powerful and beautiful. It’s natural. Stand in your womanhood. The ability to be emotional, express emotion and understand emotion is a gift, not a curse. The majority of qualities that society considers weaknesses in women, is societies fearful reaction to your power.


Recognize this. Acknowledge this. Know this. Move forward in this. This is part of your very identity. Be yourself. Accept yourself. Forgive yourself. Value yourself. Trust yourself. Love yourself. Grow in yourself. None of this is to be confused with selfishness. Selflessness will always be the source of your power as long as it is practiced with the attributes I mentioned earlier.


 Broken and incomplete women have so much impact on those around them. Imagine a world with women operating from the strength of their complete womanhood.  If you are a woman you were born powerful, live as such.


By Arielle. A Lioness.

Twitter: @kingariellerose

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