Top 10 reasons why the Redskins will suck this year

As a lifetime Redskins fan, I will always speak highly about my team even if we finish at 0-16. As much as it hurts I don’t let my fandom interfere with something being realistic. There are times when fandom works in my favor. Last year, my Redskins were written off everyone’s radar but my gut told me they’d be division champions and it actually worked. This year I’m a little more realistic. Although I still have my Skins winning the division, I see a very strong possibility that we can be the bottom feeders of the NFC East. With that being said, here are 10 reasons why my Skins will suck this year.


  1. We don’t know how to handle pressure.

It happened in 2012, the magical season where we won the division. We take a huge loss in the playoffs then every analyst has expectations for us next season. Next season rolls around and we end up 4-12. When the spotlight is on us we fold and don’t know how to handle it. The same situation is back again and I’m 1000% worried about taking another huge loss.


  1. Our City only knows mediocrity and losing.

I could go on and on about the redskins and how they’ve been historically content with mediocrity. As a Redskins fan I’ve been guilty of praising 9-7 or 8-8 finishes. I’ll even look at a 6-10 record and find a way to say it was positive. To only talk about the Skins would be unfair to the other mediocre teams that reside in the DC metropolitan area. The Washington Wizards have made a permanent home in the state of mediocrity and by the looks of it won’t be leaving anytime soon. The Capitals and Nationals have been quite fine with first round exits and subpar improvements.


  1. Josh Norman

This new Redskins regime has strayed away from the old Redskins stigma of signing overpriced players who never live up to their big contracts. This past off season the Skins went out and grabbed free agent corner Josh Norman who was surprisingly on the market ($75 million). Josh Norman was arguably the best corner in the league last season which is a great feat in itself. The problem is that this is the first year anyone has even brought up Josh Norman in any top corner discussion. Let’s not forget that this offseason where his name was circulating through the media for all the wrong reasons. This move scares me because all I can think about is major flops like Nnamdi Asomugha and Byron Maxwell. My thinking, Norman’s mouth and mystery play might be the downfall of our defense and the Redskins season.


  1. Kirk Cousins

I get it. I liked that too. Kirk cousins had us all in frenzy last season with his surprise success leading us to the playoffs. It’s hard to put all my eggs into a QB who didn’t beat a winning team all year. Kirk cousins is still a gunslinger which is just a nice way of saying he is a lunatic QB who gets lucky. I applaud the Redskins for not going all in on Cousins and giving him a long term deal. There are still question marks with Kirk and now with a tougher schedule and a whole year worth of film, things can get bad really quick.



  1. We didn’t beat anyone important

Yes, we went 9-7 and won the NFC east but at what cost? The reward is now going into this season trying to win another division title with a first place schedule. Now you would think that wouldn’t be a problem seeing as we won the division last year but if you look at that 9-7 record closer it will show that all of the wins came from sub .500 teams. Coming into a season with the 11th hardest schedule doesn’t sit well with me. I can easily see a 4-12 season this year based off our schedule.


  1. We have talent….Ok

Last year, even though our defense and run game was trash, our offense carried us to 9 wins and an NFC east title. Redskins have all this offensive talent in the world but that is where it ends. Our depth is terrible and I feel once the injuries kick in there goes our season.


  1. Our name is the Redskins…

Our team name is in so much controversy that this might be the very reason for our mediocre success. It’s only a matter of time before a congressman finally gets through to Daniel Snyder and forces him to change the name.


  1. History is not on our side.

While it would be nice for the skins to win back-to-back division titles, history says otherwise. History also says we will be dead last time this year.


  1. Dan Snyder

Even being a redskins fan I cannot deny that we possibly have the worst owner in the NFL. Since 1999, Dan Snyder has run our team into the abyss of mediocrity. We don’t deserve any success just solely based on the fact that Dan Snyder is our owner.


  1.  We are the False Hope champions.

I see it every year. 2012 we have a magical season then it all goes to flames with one awkward ACL injury. This season has that same feel to it. Underdog year, worst to first, came out of nowhere success story. It’s almost like déjà vu is ready and waiting to snatch that joy away from us.

Author: Chibuike Anyatonwu


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