Corey’s Genius NFL Picks: Week 1

I am a sports genius. Everything I say is correct (don’t count my claim that Chip Kelly was this generation’s Jimmy Johnson, or that the Eagles would win last year’s Super Bowl. We can’t always be right). But, this season I’m back and ready to pick NFL games! HAVEN’T YOU MISSED FOOTBALL!? 


Each week, I’ll only be picking the NFL games that I believe matter. It’s my column, so I can do what I want. Sorry Titans and Rams fans, this isn’t the column for you. However, since this is the first week, I’ll pick every game: Gotta start big! Well enough talk, let’ get to picks!

Panthers at Broncos


Well, they meet again. The Broncos are returning with their dominant defense, and skill position players but the sheriff is gone. The Panthers have lost Josh Norman, but have added their young up and coming stud receiver Kelvin Benjamin. I still don’t believe Carolina can block or handle the rushers of Denver, and I’m expecting some rust of Cam early in the season.

Broncos 20 Panthers 17

Vikings at Titans

The Titans are at home, with a young dominant running game. I like them, as Sam Bradford is still learning the system. Gimme Tennessee in an upset.

Titans 24 Vikings 19

Bears at Texans

The Bears are bad. The Texans should be good. I like Houston, to come out balling. Look for Brock Osweiller to show off the big arm, and utilize his suddenly many weapons in this Texas-sized butt-kicking.

Texans 31 Bears 17

Browns at Eagles

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are starting their rookie franchise QB Carson Wentz this week! Their hasn’t been this much anticipation around a young QB in Philly since Donovan McNabb was drafted in 1999. At home, with a strong defense I like the kid to party like it’s 1999.


Eagles 23 Browns 13

Bills at Ravens

I like the Ravens more than others this year. I think a strong defensive effort gives them the edge in this one at home against a tough Buffalo squad.

Ravens 19 Bills 17

Chargers at Chiefs

Phillip is back! Im expecting a big year out of this SD offense, and I think Keenan Allen, and Woodhead show off in a road upset over the Chiefs, who will miss Houston, and likely Jamal Charles

Chargers 27 Chiefs 21

Raiders at Saints 

The Saints stink. The Raiders are coming. This could get ugly.

Raiders 34 Saints 20

Buccaneers at Falconsmatt-ryan

These two teams played two really good games last year. I think Jameis may have the Falcons number in his career, and expect the Bucs to win another great one.

Bucs 26 Falcons 24

Bengals at Jets

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the Jets QB. Gimme the Bengals.

Bengals 24 Jets 17

Packers at Jaguars

Every year, there’s that one team that EVERYONE expects to make a huge leap! This year, the sexy “I’m smarter than everyone” pick is the Jags. I’m sorry, don’t count me in that group.

Packers 31 Jaguars 16

Dolphins at Seahawks

I’m high (get it, Leveon Bell, haha) on the Seahawks this year. I’m expecting Russell Wilson, to be fully unleashed as the focus of the offense, especially now that Marshawn is gone. The Dolphins, are the Dolphins. Oh yea, and Seattle is at home. Doesn’t even take me being a genius to know this is an easy pick.

Seahawks 30 Dolphins 15

Giants at Cowboys

Odell Beckham, Sterling Shepard, Vereen, Jennings and Eli. I love this Giants offense. Shepard should feast on one on ones with teams focused on stopping OBJ. The Cowboys have no defense, and a rookie QB. I think they’ll be an absolute dumpster fire, and I am calling for another BIG-TIME BARN BURNER TEXAS BLOW OUT!! Lol, i just liked saying that with a Dallas accent.


Giants 45 Cowboys 20

Patriots at Cardinals

Fun matchup, except there’s no Brady. I’m not a huge Cardinals fan, but they’re home, they’re good, and Carson Palmer waits to fall apart in January. I’m expecting an electrifying “Im back” play from the Honey-badger.

Cardinals 28 Patriots 20


Steelers at Racial-slurs

The only thing that can stop the high-powered Steelers offense this year is weed. No, seriously. Too bad the Racial-Slurs QB Kirk Cousins has never beaten a team with a winning record. I got the Steelers.

Steelers 27 Racial-Slurs 23

Rams at Niners

This one’s easy. The Rams will be the worst team in the NFL this year. The Niners may be the second worst. I am only picking this game because I said I’d pick every one. Blaine Gabbert plays like Blaine Gabbert. Chip goes Kaep in the second half, and Afro-Thunder saves the day. Lit.

Niners 20 Rams 13

I’ll be doing this column every week, and look forward to dialoging with you all this season! I’m sure it will be a good one. Now, let’s enjoy football!

By: Corey Johnson

Check me out on Twitter: @coreymaurice



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