We Got Now: D.J. Daly

This is the first article in a series of features we will be doing on young black entrepreneurs and creatives.

Dave Daly aka D.J. lives in the Chicago Area. He received his bachelors in Healthcare Administration from Oakwood University with a minor in management and currently works as a hospital administrator at local hospital. In his spare time, D.J. loves to spend time with his lovely wife, enjoys playing basketball, and traveling.

SY: What does Mouché Company mean?

DJ: Mouché Company means “Fly Company”. Mouché derives from the word “Fly” in French. I created a name that would encourage people to Elevate and Grow.

SY: Who is Mouché geared towards?

DJ: The brand’s focus is on creating timeless pieces of work. Mouché is driven to portray an aesthetic that is simple but yet unique.

SY: Why did you get started?

DJ: I started the brand because I’m really into fashion and creative arts. I wanted to create a brand that would motivate and inspire people to be great at anything they did in life.

mouche gold bracelet

SY: How did you get started?

DJ: I actually started by making custom handmade bracelets for my friends back in 2010 in college. Once people caught on to my pieces, I wanted to give them clothing and other accessories to wear with the bracelets.

SY: Why do you think it is important for young black men to own their own Businesses?

DJ: I think that owning something of your own grows a person to see the bigger picture in life. Many different changes happen to a person’s life when they start making decisions to better their own creation. It also allows us a community to grow. Your actions will inspire the people around you to do something that they have a passion for. This will create more positivity in the community.

SY: What does owning your own Business mean to you?

I believe that it creates a true sense of purpose for one’s life. When you create something of your own, you get to see the progress and growth of it firsthand. You get to witness all of the different accomplishments and goals that you started the brands’ foundation on. It allows you to inspire people in many different ways.

mouche cream shirt standing

SY: What is the hardest part of the process?

DJ: I think the hardest part of the process is having enough good resources and time. I also think another hard part, is the process of  staying true to your brands’ focus and not being consumed by the trendy things that come out in fashion that you will see.

 SY: What are your Daily Struggles of your business?

Having enough time to do everything you want to do and also reaching out to the masses (people).

random dude purple shirt

SY: What is your newest line out?

DJ: My newest line out now is the Spring/Summer Mouché Collection ll. This line is another part of the handmade pieces of work that me and a good friend of mine Ron Louis sat down to create. It’s available now on the brand’s website.Mouche.co . Soon I will be releasing  a very timeless Mouché Summer Capsule for the people.

mouche green hat

SY: Any advice for young black men who want to start their own businesses?

DJ: Don’t Overthink It, Trust yourself, and ALWAYS keep a positive mind on everything.



Editor: Stephen Yeboah

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