He Said. She Said. He Meant. She Meant.

In dating, we all lie. No, we may not always tell whole untruths, but we do make statements that don’t fully reflect what we mean. In this post, I will translate for you, what he or she said, so that you can either move on, or take that green light, shoot your shot, and win!

He Said

1.”Women these days are so shallow”

Translation: “I don’t have the looks, resources or personality to attract the women who are out of my league.”

2. “I mean, we hang out. We’re friends”

Translation: “We are currently hooking up, without a commitment. She’s fine with it, and if you don’t trip, I’d like to have a similar arrangement with you.”

black cpl

3. “I’m a good guy.” (This one is tricky, and could mean two different things, depending on the guy.)

Translation A: “I don’t have the looks, personality or resources to hook up with a bunch of different women at the same time, so because of my limited options, I will self medicate by calling myself good. You should recognize this and take pity on me by dating me.”

Translation B: “I’m not good, and you and I both know I’m lying.”

4. “You’re too good of a woman for me. You’re like wifey material”

Translation: “I’m currently in my “dog phase”, and that isn’t changing any time soon. I do see a lot of great qualities in you, and I don’t want to get you caught up in that way. Hang around, and when this is out of my system, I would love to settle down with you.”

5. “Wooooow, what you mean?”

Translation: “I currently am caught. You have provided substantial evidence and bought to my attention my current wrong-doing. Now, I am going to neither confirm nor deny. Rather, I will give you a run around until I find a way to flip the script.”

She Said 

1.”All the good men are taken.”

Translation: “The men that I want don’t want me.”


2. “You’re like a brother to me.”

Translation: “The idea of dating you is so repulsive to me that the idea of being romantically involved with you is something I would liken to incest. I do appreciate your presence in my life.”

3. “You’re too sweet.”

Translation: “I’m currently in a place in my life, where you’re treating me too well. You don’t offer the mystery and curiosity that this other man provides, which is quite attractive to me. Stop, please before you get hurt. Another time,maybe in the future, we could be together.”

4. “I saw your little friend today.”

Translation: “Today I had a run in with another young lady you’re involved with. I cannot confirm what you guys have going on, but I will be petty in this moment. Get ready, a “discussion” is coming.”


5. “I’m okay.”

Translation: “I’m not okay. I would like for you to ask if I am a minimum three more times. Then, please do something sweet or funny.”


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