Fix The Knicks? Start by Trading Melo.

Yesterday, the New York Knicks decided to fire their head coach and “Real Housewives of the NBA” reality star Derrick Fisher. A Phil Jackson pupil,who played point guard for the Lakers during their early 2000’s dynasty, Fisher was clearly unqualified for the job, and proved be another mistake by the Knicks President. The Knickerbockers are a […]

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6 NBA Teams We Could do Without

The Utah Jazz- They play in Utah I mean c’mon does this really need explaining. I mean who moves from New Orleans to Utah? Whose idea was that? The Jazz are currently 25-25. If the playoffs were to start today they would be facing the warriors, and nobody wants to watch that. What the Jazz […]

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Super Bowl 50 Picks

Our “experts” make their predictions for Super Bowl 50! Agree or Disagree? Tell us what you think ahead of tomorrow’s big game! James Kelly  Panthers 31 Broncos 17 MVP-Cam Newton It would be a story book ending to a great career for Peyton Manning if the Broncos were able to pull off the upset. The […]

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